The History Behind Bet365’s Online Betting Service – Get The Best Bet365 Bonus Deals Too

Are there simply too many betting websites online? Nowadays it’s very hard to find a great online betting service. If you browse for online betting sites, you get over 3 million search results. It can be hard to make up your mind with so many choices. What about Bet365? With the famous Bet365 bonus deals, you are bound to get good betting results.

Bet365 is a reliable and well known online betting site. Unlike many other betting sites, Bet365 offers a wide range of betting services. It’s time for us to check out and learn about the best features of Bet365. Let’s hope that this is the only review of online betting sites that you will ever need to read.

The history of Bet365

Bet365 is a family owned business. It was established in 2000 by Denise Coates. However, the history behind Bet365 doesn’t start in 2000. Back in 1974, Denise’s father, Peter Coates, owned a chain of betting shops.

After she graduated from college, Denise became a manager of betting shops. In 2000, she decided to take the betting business to a new level. In fact Denise decided to offer betting services online.

The decision about going online came after Denise realized how popular the internet was becoming. At that point, Denise recognized the need for online betting services. That’s why she decided to develop an online sports betting platform. Since then, Bet365 has become one of the most respected and influential online betting companies.

The growth of Bet365

After successfully launching the betting service in 2001, Bet365 started growing at a rapid pace. Despite huge competition in the betting industry, Bet365 kept attracting customers at ever increasing rates.

This success was due to the fact that Bet365 offered a wide range of betting services. Unlike its competition, Bet365 allowed users to bet on many less known leagues and sports. Another big advantage was that Bet365 offered a real live betting shop.

That’s why they were one step ahead of the competition. People consider Bet365 a trustworthy company. Other online betting services are managed by unknown owners and don’t feature real live betting shops. After several years of successfully operating in the online betting industry, the owners of Bet365 decided to go further.

Bet365 bonus

In 2004, Bet365 released a web service in several different languages. Additionally, Bet365 allowed users to deposit their money in several different currencies. That allowed the owners of Bet365 to attract more customers from all around the world.

Additionally, they added more and more betting options. Bet365 even started to offer other gambling games such as casino games, online poker, and bingo. In 2005, the owners of Bet365 finally decided to sell the betting shops. Most of their income was reinvested in the gambling business.

The owners of Bet365 invested their money into improving their website and into the latest web service innovations. Bet365 also launched huge marketing campaigns. They mostly advertised on TV during soccer matches. This marketing strategy proved to be very successful.

Bet365 bonus services

Online sports betting

One of the basic services that Bet365 provides is live sports betting. This allows users to bet on various sports. Besides popular sports like soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and tennis, Bet365 offers betting on other less known sports and leagues.

Bet365 allows users to place bets in categories such as horse racing, cricket, bowling, cycling, boxing, motorsports etc. Additionally, Bet365 provides live streaming for over 50.000 live sports events every year.

Online Casino

Despite sports betting services, Bet365 offers a wide range of online games to its customers. Those games are basically different casino games. Users can play card games, slot games, table games, jackpot, and much more. The users can entertain themselves by playing Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps etc.

Online Poker

The Bet365 poker room is one of the largest online poker rooms in the world. Users can play live poker with poker players worldwide. Users can even play in live poker tournaments.

Other services

Bet365 offers various bonus options to its clients. Bet365 provides a bonus of €5 for every new poker player, with no deposit or code needed. Despite that, Bet365 provides users with welcome bonuses where they can convert their first deposits into a bonus.

Once you’ve registered on Bet365 and you make your deposit, Bet365 will send you an email with a code. You will be able to use that code within the next 7 days to activate your bonus. Before using your bonus, you have to make a rollover of your initial deposit at least once.

Bet365 bonus horses

For example, if your initial bonus was a $100, you need to wager that money at least once before you can use your bonus. If you want to make a withdrawal of the money, you need to rollover your deposit and bonus at least 3 times.

If your initial deposit was a $100, and your bonus was also a $100, you need to wager that deposit sum and bonus at least 3 times. This means that before you make the withdrawal, you need to wager $600 (3 x $200).

Bet365 has also released a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. That way, users can access their Bet365 account using their mobile phones and tablets.

What do clients think of Bet365?

Bet365 has about 14 million customers in more than 200 countries around the world, which is a real achievement. If you browse reviews of Bet365, you will rarely find any negative opinions of their services. In general, customers seem to be very satisfied with what Bet365 has to offer.

One of the few things that customers find most satisfying about Bet365 is the live streaming of various sports events. Another satisfying feature of Bet365 is the possibility of In-Play wagering and the single wallet system.

Bet365 bonus bets

Users are really happy with Bet365’s large variety of betting events. Last, but not least, is the fact that Bet365 allows payments in 28 different currencies.

If you want to bet or play online games, you have just found a very reliable online betting service. With Bet365, you can feel safe when placing your deposits.

Get The Best Betting Tips – Win Big With Bet365 And Bettingtips7

So you’re a big fan of sports and you want to find a decent place to bet online, but you can’t decide between the many choices of bookmakers. Well look no further.

With over 500.000 bets a week and ranked as the number one Internet gaming company in 2010, 2011 and 2012, Bet365 is the world’s leading bookmaker. Let’s see why Bet365 offers the best betting tips.

Why Bet365?

Founded in 2000, over the years, Bet365 has made a name for itself. Bet365 has over 17 different languages available on their website. It also has a ton of features and the biggest starting bonus in the business. Bet365 is essentially number one in the betting business.

Bet365 offers over 30 different sports sections on its website. These sports sections include: American football, baseball, basketball, boxing, bowling, tennis, soccer, greyhound racing, skiing, ice hockey, NASCAR, golf, etc.

These sports sections always include a number of sporting events that take place all over the world. With Bet365, you can bet on almost every league and sport available. This includes women’s sports and youth competitions.

Every game has a wide range of markets for you to choose from. With Bet365, you can use higher stakes than with most bookmakers. Bet365 offer a wide range of concessions. Moreover, they allow decent sized bets, something that most bookmakers don’t consent to.

A great interface for betting tips

Bet365’s new and improved interactive platform has been praised by many satisfied users. Its loading speed is known to be quite impressive, with load times on any market being about 2 seconds or so.

All of the betting sports are listed on the left side. On the right side, you can easily see the odds for any particular sport. With the use of new technology, Bet365 is capable of handling thousands of data changes every second. Moreover, with the data latency down to less than 2 seconds,

Bet365 is able to give its customers a constant flow of real-time info. This goes hand in hand with the simultaneous reception and constant handling of large amounts of customer data. The best thing about Bet365 is the in-play feature that they provide for their customers.

Over 90% of the markets that can be accessed at Bet365 are in-play. Further research has concluded that Bet365 has the biggest bundle of markets and in-play odds that you can find online.

betting tips In order to get to the live section at Bet365, all you have to do is click the “live in-play” button at the top navigation bar on the left.

One of the best features here is the option for you to move the events in and out of your “favorites” section. You can do this by clicking the star next to any market and it will appear on your “favorites” list. The in-play section also includes live scores that can be viewed instantly in real-time.

Various stats from any event are one click away, making your betting experience much more pleasurable and less stressful. Some of the events even have the option for you to view them live. The live streaming service feature offers a wide variety of sporting events. You can stream these events live at Bet365.

You only need to meet one condition, and that is having at least £1 in your Bet365 account. As long as you have at least £1, the service will remain available to you.

Customer assistance

With 17 different languages and more than 1.500 employees, Bet365 has one of the best customer service systems in the industry. Customer feedback has confirmed this over and over again.

Well-mannered and efficient, Bet365’s customer service can take care of any problem you might have. Bet365’s customer service team can give you answers via their chat feature. They will gladly help by clarifying results, betting rules, payment options, etc.

Promotions and bonuses

One of the reasons that Bet365 is the leading world bookmaker is its bundle of promotions. The site features various promotions, mostly centered on the sport that gains the most attention – football.

These promotions include the bore draw money back, the 100% euro soccer bonus etc. The bore draw bonus is particularly interesting. Basically, it states that if you bet on a football match that ended with a draw, then you will get your money back.

This is based on the fact that a football enthusiast would never enjoy a match that ends in a draw. In short – if you bet on a match that was “boring”, you get your money back. How cool is that? Other promotions cover horse and greyhounds racing, as well as all American sports, including MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAAF, and NCAAB.

But the most popular promotion, without any doubt, is the £200 bonus that you might acquire. This is the biggest bonus deal there is in the betting industry. It doesn’t get any better than this.

For you to be able to get the bonus, you should simply open an account on Bet365 and deposit between £10 and £200. The bonus depends on how much you deposit – the more you deposit, the bigger the bonus. betting tips bets In order to be able to withdraw your deposit along with the bonus, you would have to wager your deposit, plus the bonus amount – three times over. It doesn’t matter if a bet is won or lost, it will still count.

Bet365 offers a number of ways for you to deposit and withdraw your money. It accepts almost all debit and credit cards. Additionally, your transactions, wire transfers, and check deposits included – won’t cost you any additional fees.

Finally, compared to other bookmakers, Bet365 has much shorter payout times. Bet365 sponsors various free tip competitions, favoring both new and old customers. It doesn’t even matter how full or empty your account balance is.

Moreover, customer feedback confirms that Bet365 has one of the broadest selections of football betting markets available. Bet365’s Asian handicap markets are considered unmatched among punters, as are the free bets they regularly give out.

Basically, Bet365 is the best, and more importantly, one of the safest bookmakers in the industry. The winning bets are paid out without any delay, and you will be able to make a withdrawal of your money without any problems.

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