Bet365 – The Best Bookmaker In The World


Looking to place a bet online? It definitely beats going to your local betting shop. But how do you choose among all those online bookmakers? As it turns out, Bet365 is the most popular online bookmaker. It receives more than 500,000 bets each week, from more than a hundred countries.

One of the best things about Bet365 is the safety factor. This bookmaker is safe for placing any bet; the same can’t be said about other online bookmakers. In addition, this UK-based company also provides the best online betting tips.

Bet365 is currently the 7th largest company in the UK, with more than 1,500 employees. If you’re interested in a wide array of sports bets, Bet365 is the right bookmaker for you.

Bet365’s betting offers

Bet365 belongs to the International Betting Adjudication Service organization. This organization gathers the best bookmakers all over the world. Whether you’re looking to bet on handball, volleyball, soccer, or even United States sports, Bet365 is here for you. Bet365 even offers different online betting games, such as poker or casino.

A great advantage to Bet365 is the number of betting types it offers, such as multiple handicaps, total points of the home or away team, etc. Another unique feature of Bet365 is the live betting.


In fact, Bet365 actually offers live video broadcasts of matches, as a part of the live betting category. It broadcasts over four thousand live events every year.

Customer support

You don’t even need to know English in order to converse with Bet365’s customer support agents. Their customer support services are available in many languages. More than ten languages are available on their website, with most languages being European.

You can call them via their free phone line, email them, or even chat with them online. When you contact Bet365, their support team will act fast and help you in every way they can. You can always count on courtesy and professionalism when dealing with Bet365’s agents.

Bonuses and promotions

Need good motivation to place bets on sports? How about getting bonuses and promotions? You’ll feel more than welcomed when you realize that Bet365 provides a huge number of incentives for betting.

From the loyalty bonus to the doubling of the first deposit, Bet365 will easily entice you to place bets. Those that place frequent bets get their reward in the form of Bet365 bonuses. These Bet365 bonuses can be used as free bets for you.

American and Canadian pre-game parlays

Are you interested in American and Canadian pre-game parlays, such as football, baseball, hockey and basketball? Bet365 offers a 50% parlay bonus on such sports. The offer applies to game totals, run line, puck line, etc. This offer is valid no matter how much money you decide to put on a bet.

Extra Time, Extra Chance – for rugby

How about rugby, do you enjoy betting on this sport? Bet365 offers an Extra Time Extra Chance bonus for those who bet on rugby. It means that you get a chance to win if a rugby match goes into extra time.

Bet365 rugby

Let’s say that you place a bet on a rugby match and your winnings are not clear at normal playing times. As a result, the match goes into extra time. But your bet is still active, as you wait for the final result to determine your outcome.

Place multiple bets

With most online bookmakers, you cannot place multiple bets on one fixture. But at the Bet365 online bookmaker, placing multiple bets is possible. Let’s say that you want to place a bet on a particular football club, one that you expect to win.

In addition to betting for that football club to win, you can also place an additional bet. That additional bet can be that this football club scores a certain number of goals.

A bonus for tablet and smartphone users

If you are using a tablet or a smartphone to access Bet365’s website, you get a certain bonus. When you place your first bet from your smartphone or tablet, you will get a 100% „On The Move“ bonus. You get this bonus no matter if you’re a new or existing customer.

The maximum amount that you can claim for this bonus is equivalent to €50. The On The Move bonus has several features, such as In-Play services and a simple navigation system. And you don’t even have to be logged in to check out prices.

The bore draw money back offer

The „bore draw money back offer“ is a promotion that you can use whether you are a new or existing client. Let’s say that you have placed a bet on a pre-match for football.

Bet365 tied

If the game is tied, 0-0, all losing bets will be refunded. This promotion is valid for the following markets: half-time or full-time, correct score, or score-cast bets.

Interface, usability and safety

Bet365’s website looks attractive and it is very comprehensive. It might seem complex at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll realize that it’s actually very intuitive. The one-wallet system makes their website really simple to use. Everything is well organized, allowing you to make different types of bets pretty easily.

Most online bookmakers are licensed in countries that are suspicious, to say the least. Bet365 on the other hand is a UK company. It’s a bookmaker that has been in the betting market for more than 30 years and it has an excellent reputation.

Payment options and payout times

Bet365 offers numerous ways for you to deposit and withdraw your money. Bet365 accepts virtually all debit and credit cards. For any transaction that you make, including wire transfers and check deposits, you do not get charged any additional fees.

Clients are very satisfied with the payout times of the Bet365 bookmaker. A lot of other bookmakers have longer payout times. Bet365 recommends using Moneybookers as a payment option. With Moneybookers, you can collect your cash in couple of hours.

Different ways to place bets

Bet365 is an online bookmaker, meaning that you can place your bets by using a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can place bets using the European, American or UK odds format.

Bet365’s live betting console includes a live streaming service, possibly the best in the betting industry. With a one wallet system, you can use the same username, password and payment method for all of Bet365’s services. Bet365’s services include casino, poker, games, sports betting, and bingo rooms.

投注最好的提示—bet365 和 带来的巨额利润





建立于2000年,公司多年来建立了自己的名声。bet365 的网站提供17种不同语言的选择。再说业务功能很丰富并其初始奖金是本行业的最大的。从本质上讲,Bet365 是博彩业务的排名第一的公司。

在其网站上bet365提供多于30不同的体育专栏。这些体育专栏包括: 美式橄榄球,棒球,篮球,拳击,保龄球,网球,欧洲足球,赛狗,滑雪,冰球,NASCAR,高尔夫等。

这些体育专栏总是包括发生在世界各地的一些体育赛事。用Bet 365您可以赌注几乎每一存在的联赛和运动。这包括妇女运动和轻年比赛。

每场比赛有您可选的广阔的市场范围。在bet365,您可以用比大多数博彩公司的赌注更大。 Bet365提供各种优惠。而且这边允许的赌注交高—这是大多数博彩公司都不愿意接受的。




Bet365 可以给用户提供不断的实时的信息流。这跟同时通过和处理大量来自客户端的数据齐头并进。Bet 365的最大优点是提供给用户的in-play功能。

多余 90 % 您在Bet365可以接触的市场是in-play。进一步的研究表明Bet365拥有网上所能找到的最大的市场套和in-play赔率。

为了到在bet365 in-play的部分,您需要做的就是点击左侧顶端的导航栏“live in-play”按钮。

这边最好功能之一是在“收藏夹” (favorites)能加上或减掉事件的功能。您一点击每一个市场旁边的星星,它就会出现在你的“收藏夹”列表中。In-play部分还包括可以实时查看的结果。

所有事件的不同统计数据是一个点击即可看到,使赌注的体验更加愉快和压力较小。 有些时间连有直播功能。流媒体直播服务提供多种体育赛事。在bet365上您可以看这些赛事直播。




Bet365的周到和高效的客户服务可解决每一个问题。Bet 365的客服团队可以通过其聊天功能答复您。团队员工将乐意地帮助解释结果,投注,付款方式等规则。


Bet365的套餐促销是它为世界上博彩公司领先的原因。网站提供不同的优惠活动,主要针对最受欢迎的体育- 足球。

这些促销活动包括平局时退还金钱(bore draw money back),欧洲足球的100%奖金等。平局奖金很有意思。基本上,意思是如果您赌一场足球比赛而它以平局收场,那么您会得到你的钱回来。



为了能够拿到奖金,您只需要打开10和200英镑之间的Bet 365账户。. 奖金取决于存款金额 – 您越存越奖励您。 为了能够取您的存款与奖金,您必须下注存款加奖金数额—即多三倍。不管赌注是否是赢家还是输家,它仍然会被计算。

Bet365 提供几种存款和取款方式。网站接受大多数借记卡和信用卡。此外,您的交易,银行转账和存款查询不会受到任何额外费用。




bet365在线赌博网站的历史 —采取Bet365的最好的奖励优惠



Bet365 是有名的并可靠的在线赌博网站。于其它在线赌博网站相比,Bet365提供广泛赌博服务。已到时间搜索和了解Bet365的最佳选择。我们希望这是唯一个您将需要阅读的在线赌博网站介绍。

Bet365 的历史

Bet365是个家族企业。本网站由丹尼斯·科茨被建立于 2000 年。但Bet365的历史开头不是2000年。在1974年丹尼斯的父亲 – 彼得·科茨,成为连锁博彩店的老板。


丹尼斯看到她在线有多流行后,她决定转到在线服务。在这时刻她了解了提供在线赌博服务的需要。这就是她决定开发体育博彩在线平台的原因。从那一刻起bet 365成为了网上赌博最受尊敬的和有影响力的公司之一。






此外,还有越来越多的投注机会。. Bet365甚至开始提供其它的赌博游戏,如赌场游戏、在线扑克和宾果游戏。2005年bet365 业主终于决定卖掉其投注店。大多数其引起的收入再投资于赌博业务。

Bet365业主投资其收益于网站改善和网络服务的创新。Bet365 也开展大规模的营销活动。他们做广告主要是在电视上的足球比赛。 这种营销策略已经被证明是非常有效的。

Bet365 的附加服务


Bet365提供的主要服务之一是实时体育投注。这允许用户把赌注押在各种体育活动上。除了最流行的运动如美国和欧洲的足球,篮球,棒球和网球以外,bet 365 也提供将赌注押在不太知名的体育比赛和联赛。

bet365 给用户提供赌注在其它体育学科的机会,如赛马,板球,保龄球,自行车,拳击,赛车等。此外,Bet 365提供每年超过50,000体育赛事直播。






Bet365向其客户提供不同的奖金方案。 Bet 365为每一个新的扑克玩家提供不许要存款要求或促销代码的5欧元奖金。此外Bet365给用户们发欢迎奖金,他们可以使自己的首存红利。

您在Bet365注册后并 作出您的存款,bet 365将给您发含代码的邮件。您可以在7天之内利用该代码启动您的奖金。使用您的奖金之前您应该至少一次投注您的初始保证金 (make a rollover)。


如果您初始保证金是100美元您的奖金也是100美元,而且您需要把两个的金额投注至少 三次。意思是说,取钱之前您必须赌注600美元 (3 х 200 美金)。

Bet365还发布了Android,IOS和Windows Phone的移动应用程序。这样用户们可以用自己的手机和平板电脑访问自己的Bet365帐户。



让客户感到满意的事之一是各种体育赛事的现场直播。另一个令人满意的特点是bet365的播放的投注(In-Play)和单钱包(single wallet system)的能力。