Bet365 – The Best Bookmaker In The World


Looking to place a bet online? It definitely beats going to your local betting shop. But how do you choose among all those online bookmakers? As it turns out, Bet365 is the most popular online bookmaker. It receives more than 500,000 bets each week, from more than a hundred countries.

One of the best things about Bet365 is the safety factor. This bookmaker is safe for placing any bet; the same can’t be said about other online bookmakers. In addition, this UK-based company also provides the best online betting tips.

Bet365 is currently the 7th largest company in the UK, with more than 1,500 employees. If you’re interested in a wide array of sports bets, Bet365 is the right bookmaker for you.

Bet365’s betting offers

Bet365 belongs to the International Betting Adjudication Service organization. This organization gathers the best bookmakers all over the world. Whether you’re looking to bet on handball, volleyball, soccer, or even United States sports, Bet365 is here for you. Bet365 even offers different online betting games, such as poker or casino.

A great advantage to Bet365 is the number of betting types it offers, such as multiple handicaps, total points of the home or away team, etc. Another unique feature of Bet365 is the live betting.


In fact, Bet365 actually offers live video broadcasts of matches, as a part of the live betting category. It broadcasts over four thousand live events every year.

Customer support

You don’t even need to know English in order to converse with Bet365’s customer support agents. Their customer support services are available in many languages. More than ten languages are available on their website, with most languages being European.

You can call them via their free phone line, email them, or even chat with them online. When you contact Bet365, their support team will act fast and help you in every way they can. You can always count on courtesy and professionalism when dealing with Bet365’s agents.

Bonuses and promotions

Need good motivation to place bets on sports? How about getting bonuses and promotions? You’ll feel more than welcomed when you realize that Bet365 provides a huge number of incentives for betting.

From the loyalty bonus to the doubling of the first deposit, Bet365 will easily entice you to place bets. Those that place frequent bets get their reward in the form of Bet365 bonuses. These Bet365 bonuses can be used as free bets for you.

American and Canadian pre-game parlays

Are you interested in American and Canadian pre-game parlays, such as football, baseball, hockey and basketball? Bet365 offers a 50% parlay bonus on such sports. The offer applies to game totals, run line, puck line, etc. This offer is valid no matter how much money you decide to put on a bet.

Extra Time, Extra Chance - for rugby

How about rugby, do you enjoy betting on this sport? Bet365 offers an Extra Time Extra Chance bonus for those who bet on rugby. It means that you get a chance to win if a rugby match goes into extra time.

Bet365 rugby

Let’s say that you place a bet on a rugby match and your winnings are not clear at normal playing times. As a result, the match goes into extra time. But your bet is still active, as you wait for the final result to determine your outcome.

Place multiple bets

With most online bookmakers, you cannot place multiple bets on one fixture. But at the Bet365 online bookmaker, placing multiple bets is possible. Let’s say that you want to place a bet on a particular football club, one that you expect to win.

In addition to betting for that football club to win, you can also place an additional bet. That additional bet can be that this football club scores a certain number of goals.

A bonus for tablet and smartphone users

If you are using a tablet or a smartphone to access Bet365’s website, you get a certain bonus. When you place your first bet from your smartphone or tablet, you will get a 100% „On The Move“ bonus. You get this bonus no matter if you’re a new or existing customer.

The maximum amount that you can claim for this bonus is equivalent to €50. The On The Move bonus has several features, such as In-Play services and a simple navigation system. And you don’t even have to be logged in to check out prices.

The bore draw money back offer

The „bore draw money back offer“ is a promotion that you can use whether you are a new or existing client. Let’s say that you have placed a bet on a pre-match for football.

Bet365 tied

If the game is tied, 0-0, all losing bets will be refunded. This promotion is valid for the following markets: half-time or full-time, correct score, or score-cast bets.

Interface, usability and safety

Bet365’s website looks attractive and it is very comprehensive. It might seem complex at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll realize that it’s actually very intuitive. The one-wallet system makes their website really simple to use. Everything is well organized, allowing you to make different types of bets pretty easily.

Most online bookmakers are licensed in countries that are suspicious, to say the least. Bet365 on the other hand is a UK company. It’s a bookmaker that has been in the betting market for more than 30 years and it has an excellent reputation.

Payment options and payout times

Bet365 offers numerous ways for you to deposit and withdraw your money. Bet365 accepts virtually all debit and credit cards. For any transaction that you make, including wire transfers and check deposits, you do not get charged any additional fees.

Clients are very satisfied with the payout times of the Bet365 bookmaker. A lot of other bookmakers have longer payout times. Bet365 recommends using Moneybookers as a payment option. With Moneybookers, you can collect your cash in couple of hours.

Different ways to place bets

Bet365 is an online bookmaker, meaning that you can place your bets by using a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can place bets using the European, American or UK odds format.

Bet365’s live betting console includes a live streaming service, possibly the best in the betting industry. With a one wallet system, you can use the same username, password and payment method for all of Bet365’s services. Bet365’s services include casino, poker, games, sports betting, and bingo rooms.

bet365 / AllSport365


bet365 – best betting odds.

There are 365 ways to WIN at Sports Betting on Bet on your favourite sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, handball, cricket and many more. Only at Bet365 you will find highest odds for all types of sports without any exceptions.

Bet and enjoy live streams of over 100 types of sports. In-Play bets are one of the biggest advantages of bet365. Almost 24/7 you can find live events to bet on. On bet 365 you will find a lot of opportunities which can’t be found at any other bookmaker. It’s not a myth that bet365 is the best bookmaker in the world. It’s proven throughout its 14 years existence.

bet365 / Allsport365 is your place to bet. Come, get a first deposit bonus up to €100 and enjoy. If you are regular player, it’s 100% sure that you will be continously encouraged with FREE bets and no deposit bonuses. These bet365 bonuses are exclusively for regular players and absolutely without any deposit requirements.

Also, you can play poker with bet356 and take a first deposit bonus up to €1000. bet365 poker is a part of iPoker network. One of the largest poker networks in the world with excellent customer service, a lot of „fish“ and extremely high bonuses. If you are poker player, bet365 poker is a must place to play.

Bet365 casino is such a nice place – a hundreds of games with outrages jackpots. You don’t have to miss it. Rating: 9/10




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Fantasy Football League for our bet365 affiliate partners


With the 2014-15 Premier League season almost upon us this is the announcement you’ve been waiting for!

The bet365 Affiliate Programme will once again be running a Fantasy Football League for our affiliate partners, and the new league is set up and ready for you to enter.

Important note – Please note that we have set up a brand new league this season to ensure that we have all relevant contact details of entrants, so you won’t be automatically re-entered from last year. To enter you need the pin code for the league from us, so please email me as soon as possible to obtain this and make sure you enter before kick-off on 16 August to avoid starting at a points disadvantage!


As usual we have really high quality prizes on offer, and you will get the chance to compete against your Performance Marketing Manager for the right to be crowned bet365 Affiliate Premier League Champion 2015.

Please note that there are a maximum of three entries allowed per affiliate account, and all entries are required to be from different people.

How to Enter

Following on from the success of previous seasons we will again be using the Fantasy Football platform on the official Barclays Premier League website to run the competition. The site is completely free to sign up and play on, and with over 3 million players it is the biggest Fantasy Football game in the world. To join the bet365 Affiliate Premier League all you need to do is the following:

1. Create your team, choose a team name and enter it into the Fantasy Football platform at

2. Email your bet365 Performance Marketing Manager, with the following details:

Your Name

Your Address

Your Contact Telephone Number

Your Affiliate Account User Name

Your Fantasy Football Team’s Name

3. You will then get an email back from your bet365 Performance Marketing Manager with the League Code, and you will need to use the ‘Join a league’ function on, enter the League Code and choose ‘Join Private League’.


There will be a whole host of prizes at various stages throughout the season, and these are detailed below.


If you’re in the top 5 at the end of the season you will win one of these fantastic prizes…

1st Place

Trip to a 2015-16 Premier League match of your choice, including tickets, travel, accommodation and hospitality with your Performance Marketing Manager

Plus a Samsung 48” 3D LED TV

Plus the coveted Manager of the Season trophy

2nd Place

A Macbook Air

3rd Place

Your choice of a PS4 or Xbox One console, with FIFA 15 and a Gaming Chair

4th to 5th Place

An Official Premier League football


The top 3 on Christmas Day will also be rewarded, with the following up for grabs…

1st Place

Trip to a 2014-15 Premier League match of your choice, including tickets, travel, accommodation and hospitality with your Performance Marketing Manager

Plus an iPad Air

2nd Place

A 32GB iPod Touch

Plus a Bose Speaker System

3rd Place

A GOPRO Hero 3+ Action Camcorder


The Fantasy Football platform can be filtered down to show scores accumulated during each Quarter, and there are Quarterly prizes available if you’re the best-performing manager in one of those Quarters. We’ve themed this year’s prizes around title winners from the 2013-14 season…

Quarter 1 Winner

Framed 2013-14 Manchester City shirt, signed by Sergio Aguero, celebrating their Premier League success

Quarter 2 Winner

Framed 2013-14 Juventus shirt, signed by Andrea Pirlo, celebrating their Serie A success

Quarter 3 Winner

Framed 2013-14 Bayern Munich shirt, signed by Phillipe Lahm, celebrating their Bundesliga success

Quarter 4 Winner

Framed 2013-14 Real Madrid shirt, signed by Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrating their Champions League success


Each month we’ll have prizes for the top-performing manager that month and the biggest weekly points total achieved…

Manager of the Month

A Premier League shirt of your choice

Plus a personalised pair of Adidas Football Boots

Plus the Manager of the Month trophy

Highest Weekly Points Total in the Month

A dartboard themed to your choice from a selection of top football clubs


Finally, if you achieve the highest points total from a single week over the course of the season, you be rewarded…

Highest Weekly Points Total in the Season

An iPad Mini


Terms and Conditions

The only terms and conditions for entry are as follows:

1. Only bet365 affiliates are eligible to enter the competition.

2. Maximum of three teams per affiliate account.

3. Prizes are subject to availability and alternatives may be supplied.

4. bet365 decision on prize allocation is final.

Best of luck to everyone for the season ahead, and I look forward to seeing you in the league.